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OckyDub Fair Use Nigga But if you can’t help yourself, use these 12 ideas on how to see your friend naked to catch that elusive glimpse. But most of all, it makes you want to see some sexy friends naked. Girls, ever saw a sneak peek of your guy friend’s package when he stretched his arms?. You know this is true.

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Winston Smith. No never done that. I don't know when there was an opportunity to see my friends naked. When we change we don't look ay eachother. I only had one time I. I don't think much about seeing another woman naked unless I'm interested in her sexually.

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These shits were literally right next to each other. I agree with the anonymous user below me. I'd let a girl see me naked if she wanted to, esecially if she was a friend of mine. A couple actually have (and I. My college mates were always naked in a straight bro kind of way.

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A few days ago, my girl friend and I were in bed, early in the morning, I saw my guy friend step into the bathroom. I was fixing my friends laptop and came across a bunch of webcam screencaps of I had seen her naked before, so it didn't really affect me. I agree with Beth, all these things are disgusting ways to try and see someone naked, how bout a little respect people.

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I would even be the dude that say, "look at you bro, great ass" or "nice dick" and laugh. of course! Ive been on holiday with them, seen them get genital piercings, some of them ive known since i was born and bathed with them. I've seen a lot of dicks in non sexual situations.

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May 2, at pm. I prefer not to see my friends naked and vice versa. Though I have seen friends naked, even straight friends before. The times it did happen. I've only seen two guys naked and that was back in high school when i was on the volleyball team my freshmen year but other than that i haven't seen my male friends nude, though i do picture what some of them look like without clothes

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I certainly would be nervous to accidentally see a dick of someone I am attracted to, but I've conditioned to think "geesh it's just a dick and balls, every man has them". So if you haven't seen @Ockydub's naked spa post, this is what spawned this topic. You may want to watch that first for context here. I've worked out, do the whole gym thing and have seen plenty of guys naked in that context, but I have never seen a body that makes your heart drop.

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She just laughed and said she would have taken pics of her pregnant body too if she looked like that naked.

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August 27, at am. Nude It, approved by Apple Tuesday, is an augmented reality app that uses scanning technology to look straight through clothing. Something.

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Caleb Syswerda says:. How comfortable (or uncomfortable) do you feel about the idea of seeing your ( same sex) friends naked? What about your SO seeing his (same. Best Posts in Thread.


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